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Sat13/01/18  Wilmslow DTC Wilmslow DTC Jan 2018View Classes
Sun03/12/17  Woodside Dog Agility Club Woodside DAC Dec 2017View Classes
Sat18/11/17  Wilmslow DTC Wilmslow DTC Nov 2017View Classes
Sat28/10/17  Excel Dog Agility Excel Dog Agility 2017View Classes
Fri29/09/17-Sun01/10/17 Phase Purple Agility Training Phase Purple Sept 2017View Classes
Sat23/09/17-Sun24/09/17 Train In The Ring Train In The Ring Sept 2017View Classes
Sat16/09/17-Sun17/09/17 Prestwick & District Dog Training Club Prestwick DDTC Sept 2017View Classes
Sat02/09/17  Gleniffer Dog Training Club Scottish Junior Dog ClubView Classes
Sat02/09/17-Sun03/09/17 Gleniffer Dog Training Club Gleniffer DTC Sept 2017View Classes
Sat26/08/17  Scottish Kennel Club Scottish Agility Dog Of The YearView Classes
Sat26/08/17-Sun27/08/17 Scottish Kennel Club SKC August 2017View Classes
Sat19/08/17  Showtime-online Showtime Novice Cup FinalView Classes
Fri18/08/17-Sun20/08/17 Dundee Alsatian & Training Club Dundee AATC Aug 2017View Classes
Fri18/08/17-Sun20/08/17 West Lakes Dog Training Club West Lakes 2017View Classes
Sat05/08/17-Mon14/08/17 Phase Purple Agility Training Phase Purple Aug 2017View Classes
Sat29/07/17-Sun06/08/17 Platinum Agility Ltd PAL Aug 2017View Classes
Sat22/07/17-Sun23/07/17 Weardale Dog Agility Club Weardale DAC July 2017View Classes
Sat08/07/17-Sun09/07/17 East Lothian DTC East Lothian DTC 2017View Classes
Sat24/06/17-Sun25/06/17 Tweedbank Dog Training Club Tweedbank DTC June 2017View Classes
Sat24/06/17-Sun02/07/17 Lune Valley Dog Training Club Lune Valley DTC 2017View Classes
Sat10/06/17-Sun11/06/17 Prestwick & District Dog Training Club Prestwick DDTC June 2017View Classes
Sat03/06/17-Sun04/06/17 Avon Dog Agility Club Avon DAC June 2017View Classes
Sat27/05/17-Sun28/05/17 Gleniffer Dog Training Club Gleniffer DTC May 2017View Classes
Sun21/05/17  Scottish Kennel Club SKC May 2017View Classes
Sat13/05/17-Sun14/05/17 Platinum Agility Ltd PAL May 2017View Classes
Sat13/05/17-Sun14/05/17 Fair City Dog Training Club Fair City DTC 2017View Classes
Sat29/04/17-Sun30/04/17 Woodside Dog Agility Club Woodside DAC Apr 2017View Classes
Tue18/04/17-Sun23/04/17 Platinum Agility Ltd PAL April 2017View Classes
Sat15/04/17-Sun16/04/17 Scottish Border Collie Club SBCC April 2017View Classes
Sat08/04/17-Sun09/04/17 Kingdom Of Fife Dog Agility Club KOF DAC April 2017View Classes
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