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This system has been designed for use by Dog Owners to enter Dog Agility Shows; the dogs must be registered in your name or registration applied for with the Kennel Club. All registration details must be exactly as they are on the Dog's Kennel Club Registration certificate (see Terms & Conditions). There is a one off fee of £2.00 to register. There are no amendment or annual registration fee's.

Dog Owners living at the same address can register as one account so that shows may be entered and paid for as one transaction.

If you have entered shows processed by Showtime before then your details should already be in our database and all you will need to do is confirm they are correct.  If this is your first time then you must register your details from scratch.

On the Registration page

Please enter your Name, address and email address where requested. You will then be directed to a secure WorldPay page to pay the Registration fee.

Setting up your account after registration

A password will be emailed to you which you should receive pretty much straight away. If you do not appear to have received it check your junk folder and mark it as "Not Junk". Please copy and paste this password for your first login to Showtime Online where you will be prompted to change your password to something that is easier for you to remember.

Please add the email address to your Address Book or Contact List so that future system emails do not get sent to your junk folder.

If your postcode has NOT been matched up with a user already on our database you will now be on the Showtime Online page for the account you have just created. You will have to add your dogs via the Dogs tab at the top of the page.

If your postcode HAS been matched up with a user already on our database you will now see the "Prepare to add Your Details" page with the following message:

If you have used Showtime before to enter shows we may already have some details about your dog(s). To ensure the your dogs are properly assigned to your account please enter the full Kennel Club number of one of your dogs (letters and numbers) and click on the Submit button

If the Kennel Club Registration number you have entered has been matched up you will now be on the Showtime Online Home page for your account.

Please make sure that the information we have for you is correct by checking and updating if necessary the Account Holder Details, Owners and Dogs sections via the menu options at the top of the page.

You may add another Owner on the Owners tab which will allow you to pay for entries from multiple Owners resident at the same address in one transaction. If you prefer to pay separately please register separately.

Please check that the information about your dog(s) is correct by using the Dogs tab.

When entering any information please use upper and lower case as appropriate and not all upper or lower. Example; Data should be added as John Smith not john smith and definitely never JOHN SMITH. This is the internet version of shouting.

How you enter data is how it will appear on the show paperwork. It is said that text written all in upper case letters is very difficult to read by those with dyslexia. We don't want a scorer to misread your entry and therefore your results. 

On the Dogs Page

You may add additional dogs currently not on our database by clicking the Add Dog button on the Dog List page. All dogs in your ownership including non competing dogs should be registered on the system as dogs entering shows Not for Competition (NFC) have to be recorded for each show.Please ensure they are marked as Active. If you have not received your Kennel Club registration certificate back from the Kennel Club please use the first choice of name as applied for on the Registration form and put NAF in the KC Registration Number field. Dog's that have deceased since being added to our database should be marked as Inactive.

If the breed of your dog(s) is not listed please choose crossbreed as a temporary measure and contact us to have your breed added to the list. Breeds that have many variations such as Spaniels and Retrievers are all listed under their main breed with the variation in brackets; for example Spaniel (English Springer).

If your dog's date of birth is unknown please leave this field blank.

For the BC/ABC type please choose the category that your dog fits into as far as ABC classes are concerned. This is so that the system can offer you the correct classes for the dog should these special classes be scheduled at a show.

Grade Changes

After logging onto your account, go to the Dogs page and select the dog whose grade you wish to change.

  1. Click the "Add Grade Change" button.
  2. Fill in the Date of your win.
  3. Your grade will automatically update on the system 25 days after your win.
  4. Caution: You may need to amend your entries on the system for shows already entered. If entries for the show are closed, class amendments must be made by us. Please use the contact page to let us know or email

Update Your Details

After logging in to your account you can:

  • Amend your details, select update owner details, make the required changes and click "Update"
  • Amend your dogs details, select the dog, update as necessary and click "Update"
  • Add a new dog, select Add New Dog. Add the details and click "Add"


At no time will we know the password you have chosen; if you forget your password please contact us and we will send you a new temporary password that will allow you to log in and change to a new password.

If you have any questions Contact us.

Additional handlers for your dogs may be added via the Handlers section. In the case of junior handlers please add their date of birth and YKC number if applicable.

All data fields marked * must be completed.

Enter A Show

After Logging in, please click the Shows tab at the top of the screen.

You will see a list of Shows that are currently taking entries via the online entry system. Select the Show you wish to enter by clicking details. You will now be on the Show details page, click enter.

The next page you will see is a list of dogs that you have registered to your online account and the classes they are eligible for.

Please click the members box for the Show if you are a club member to claim reduced member fees.

You will need to select the 'Entry Type' to ensure the correct classes are offered for each dog. The options include full height, low height, not for competition and not at show. After selection the classes that each dog are eligible for will be shown.
Enter your dogs in the required classes by clicking the boxes.
If you enter more classes than the maximum allowed a warning box will appear. Please deselect the surplus classes from the relevant dog.

Select camping and postage if required by typing the quantity required in the appropriate box (usually 1 unless you wish to book extra camping).

If you can help at the Show fill in the helper section, you may add additional helpers at this point.

You may update your entry at any time, up to the closing date, using the update button.

When you are happy that your entry is correct please click enter. Your entry is now saved.


You control when you wish to make payment. You can do this at any time from time of entry until closing date. To make payment click the Fees tab. This will display a list of Shows entered and their payment status.

WARNING. If you have not paid for your entry by closing date your entry will be disregarded.

When you make payment you will be asked to select whether you are paying by Credit or Debit card. The transaction fees will be displayed at this point. Once you have selected the payment method you will be directed to the secure WorldPay site to make your payment. Make sure at point of payment that the address shown matches the address the card is registered at.

Downloading Running Orders, Ring Plans etc.

After logging in go to the Documents page. All the documents for each show are  listed there. Click on the download button for the document you require. Running Orders are listed as Ring Cards for each specific show. Once you have downloaded the document Click Control F or use Edit Find on the pdf menus and type your name in the box that appears on the screen. Press enter to search for your ring cards. Select print current page or note the page numbers that correspond to your ring cards to avoid printing the whole file.

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