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Showtime-online is a safe, secure and cost effective way to not only enter agility shows online, but also to have your own secure account where you can keep all your own and your dogs records up to date. This system also processes the show and produces the show paperwork. Showtime-online is the latest innovation from Granary Canine.

Granary Canine

Having been involved in dog agility for many years and after much research we started to feed our dogs on CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds. After witnessing how well our dogs were doing on the food many of our friends and fellow competitors showed an interest in following suite. It soon became obvious that there was a gap in the market and this led to us becoming agility agents for CSJ supplying the northeast and Scotland.
Attending agility events most weekends Ian also helped out Taryntimers with the electronic timing of dogs competition runs. When the opportunity arose to act as their agent he jumped at the chance. As this new development grew it became obvious that the next step was needed, from a hobby to a business. So it was in 2005 that Ian formed Granary Canine.

Over the years we had been involved with various dog training clubs as trainers and in official capacities. It was while managing a Championship Agility Show that we realised the processing of paperwork for the show left a lot to be desired. Our experience meant that we knew exactly what a show secretary needed for the efficient running of a show and just how their headaches could be reduced on a busy show day.

Showtime Agility Show Processing

Having studied the computerisation of agility show paperwork and how it could be improved we offered our new service for the first time to Wigton Dog Training Club and so Showtime was born. That was 2005, our association with Wigton DTC has continued to this day and we are proud that we have for over 10 years been their chosen show processors.

Our aim was simple in theory but complex in practice; we wanted to provide a cost effective and cost transparent processing service which would not only improve the quality of the end product but we also knew there was room for a great improvement in accuracy.

Over the years as Showtime was the chosen processor of an ever increasing number of agility shows we outgrew our software system and in 2011 we employed the services of a firm of professional software developers. Their remit was to build a bespoke database and processing system. This was very effective in giving us more headroom and accuracy and allowed us to increase our workload. We now complete the processing for around 40 events a year with over 140,000 competition runs. We have now passed a new landmark at Showtime as we have produced 1.5 million scribe sheets!

This ever increasing workload meant that again we had to revisit our software systems. We wanted to stay at the forefront in customer service by providing the online entry system many requested but we also wanted to be in a position where we could accept more shows without compromising quality or accuracy. To this end we employed the services of top website developers. Their remit was to develop fronm scratch a system that was unique in not only accepting show entries and payments but also completing all the necessary show processing in the background. This huge task involved a great financial outlay not to mention many 1,000's of man hours and sleepless nights but has finally led to what you have in front of you Showtime-online the lastest from Granary Canine .

Where to next? Watch this space... Something new on it's way for 2017.


We are Ian and Susan Mallabar and we have both been competing in dog agility for more years than we care to remember. I started with the pet Labrador in the very early 90's by going to a local dog club which is where I met Susan as she had already reached the dizzy heights of club trainer. As the agility bug bit I moved onto my second dog a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever a little known breed at the time. Susan however had always been a Collie lover and has always remained faithful to the breed. Our friendship grew over time with the result that in 2002 we were married. Of course in true agility fashion we had to get married on a Thursday after all we had to travel to a show on Friday!

In time I also discovered the attributes of the Collie and we continued to compete mainly across the north and Scotland where we still enjoy our agility today. Agility like any interest has different avenues to follow and things took a new direction in 2004 when to my surprise I was asked to represent the northeast region on the Kennel Club Agility Liaison Council (ALC). I enjoyed several years on the ALC, many spent as Vice Chairman, but in 2015 decided it was time to let someone else to take the northeast forward and I stood down. This has enabled me to dedicate more time to Granary Canine.

Apart from competing, Susan and I both enjoyed judging but my interest veered further in this direction.  As a fan of Championship Agility since its inception and as regular competitor, I took steps to qualify as a Championship Judge and now have the great pleasure of judging some superb dog/handler combinations.

In 2011 I had the once in a lifetime experience of Judging the Agility finals at Olympia as part of the Horse of the Year Show. An experience never to be forgotten and I thought never to be matched and yet in 2014 I had the huge honour of judging many of the world's best handlers at Crufts.

Susan on the other hand developed her interest in her beloved Collie and began to study the genetics and DNA of hereditary diseases. Her aim was to start her own breed line and concentrate on producing the best specimen she could for agility while making every effort to minimise the risk of hereditary disease and carry out every available health test.

2006 saw her finally ready to take her first step and she had a litter from Indi (Borderstorm Indi-go) a joyous but nerve wracking event that saw the launch of the Indistorm line. Indi went on to have 3 litters and we are very proud of each and every one.

In the meanwhile Susan has continued her interest in breeding from the opposite side with her stud dog Bo (Borderstorm Bo-Nanza). Bo has now sired several litters some of whom have successfully competed at the highest international level. 

2014 saw the start of the next step when one of Indi's pups Tayla (Indistorm Tayla Made) had her first litter with Bo and continued the Indistorm name.


So if you are reading this having recently started in agility and maybe have one grade one dog in the family hatchback, lookout, like many others that's where we started. Now we have a long wheelbase high roof van caged and insulated for the safety and comfort of 8 dogs. We tow a large twin axle caravan and spend almost every weekend during the season travelling hundreds of miles to shows and of course then there's Granary Canine and Showtime. Won't happen to you? That's what we would have said. Beware Agility is addictive.

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