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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer you need then contact us.

Q - I've registered but haven't received an email containing my password what should I do?

A - Check your "Junk Folder" if our email containing your password is there mark it as "not junk". Also add our email address to your Address Book or Contact List so that future system emails don't get sent to your junk folder. If it's not in your junk folder contact us.

Q - I've tried to pay for my registration but my card won't go through?

A - Causes can be incorrect expiry date or card number or expired card. Please check your details carefully and try again. If the problem persists contact us as the issue may be with your bank.

Q - I've registered and only two of my dogs are there, how can I find the other one?

A - If you have entered a show previously through Showtime your record will have loaded with the details already held. A new dog not on our system is easily added through the "dogs" tab and "Add Dog".

Q - I've registered and tried to add another dog but I get amessage saying this dog already exists, what do I do?

A - If the dog already exists you may have a duplicate entry. Contact us with details and we will amend your record.

Q - When I log into my account it shows three dogs but one of them was sadly lost to us recently. How can I avoid the upset of his name appearing every time I enter a show?

A - Mark his record as inactive and contact us to let us know. We will then transfer him to our Rainbow Bridge file.

Q - I enter shows for my partner and myself can I still do this or do we have to register individually?

A - You can register yourself and once registered add your partner to your account as an additional owner. You will then be able to complete show entries for both of you but with one transaction fee.

Q - My partner and myself are both registered but sometimes we run each other's dogs if one of us can't make a show. How can I enter his dogs for me to run?

A - On your record enter him as an additional handler and on his record add you as an additional handler. You will then be able to select the appropriate handler when the owner enters a show.

Q - I have two dogs that compete and one that no longer competes. Do I mark the one that doesn't compete as inactive?

A - No, Inactive dogs are those that are no longer with us or you no longer own. If you take the dog to shows but it doesn't compete then leave as active but when you enter a show mark as NFC (Not For Competition).

Q - I have won up a grade how do I change my grade from 2 to 3?

A - You don't change the grade itself. Log on to your record, click the "Add Grade Change" button fill in the date you won and the system will update your grade 25 days after your win. If you have already entered a Show that is over 25 days away check your entry as you may need to change your classes.

Q - I've just realised I haven't entered a show and entries closed 2 days ago how can I enter?

A - You can't. Kennel Club rules dictate that you cannot enter a show after closing date. The online entry system does not accept entries after closing date.

Q - How do I know if a show can be entered online?

A - Shows available to enter online are in the "Event Diary" page. Shows coming up during the year ahead are still listed on the shows page at

Q - Can I still send my show entries by post or do I have to enter online?

A - Yes you can still enter by post and can download schedules and entry forms at on the shows page.

Q - I've entered a show on a paper entry can I book camping online.

A - Yes.

Q - How do I download my Running Orders

A - After logging in go to the Documents page. All the documents for each show are listed there. Click on the download button for the document you require. Running Orders are listed as Ring Cards for each specific show. Once you have downloaded the document click Control F or use Edit Find on the pdf menus and type your name in the box that appears on the screen. Press enter to search for your Ring Cards. Select print current page or note the page numbers that correspond to your Ring cards to avoid printing the whole file.

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